Indirect Calorimetry Testing

An Indirect Calorimeter measures your energy expenditure (the calories that your body burns at rest) by measuring the amount of oxygen you breathe in and the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide your body releases.  This equipment uses the amount of oxygen uptake to calculate the caloric burn rate of your body.  




The process is very individualized and surpasses in accuracy any generic calculations commonly used such as BEE or BMR (which uses your height, weight, and age to establish an estimated amount of calories burned).


Your dietitian will use these results to establish the most accurate caloric and macro-nutrient goals to meet your needs.

The test is out of pocket and completed in our office.  The process generally takes about 20 minutes to complete and can be scheduled at any time during office hours. 

You do not need to be a patient to schedule a test.  

If you are a current patient, results can be reviewed at your next appointment whether it is the same day or a date in the future.

In most cases, this testing is used for individuals who are working on peak performance, have a slow metabolism and difficulty losing weight, or are trying to establish the most accurate macro-nutrient goals based on their metabolism.

How to Prepare for Your Test:

* 4 hours prior to test - No food, drinks (except water), stimulants including caffeine, cold medicine, nicotine, or energy drinks


*24 hours prior to test - No exercise

Call our office to make an appointment - 252-648-8777

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